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Hi! I’m Jennifer, an Arizona native raising two little ones along with my supportive and incredible husband, Eldad. I have wonderful memories of growing up in our Jewish community, and I am still friendly with many of the friends I made in my years in TCTY, volunteering with Camp Swift and weeks spent learning at BJE’s Hebrew High School.

Our community might have changed a bit since then, but through my years of working as a Jewish community professional and educator, serving as a board member of several local organizations, and, currently, through my work in the Jewish community as an event and marketing consultant, I am excited to have my children grow up here in Phoenix.

Whatever your observance level and no matter how you participate or don’t participate in Jewish life, I hope you can find content here that will encourage you to get involved, check out a new organization or business, or simply make yummy holiday treats for you and your friends and family to enjoy. Please use the contact form on this page to be in touch with any ideas you have.