Color Street Review

I love getting pampered.. I mean, who doesn’t?! But, as many of you can probably relate, slotting out time to get my nails done or a massage can be a bit challenging with a demanding schedule. Most of my time is spent working, cleaning, cooking, or (my favorite way) spending time with my family and friends. So when Lisa reached out to me about Color Street, I jumped at the chance to try out these 100% real nail polish strips.

But when I received the package in the mail, I felt a bit intimated. I am not great at doing my own nails, and the idea of stickers made me a bit hesitant, too. They sat in the package daring me to test them out, and last Saturday night, I poured myself a glass of wine and decided to give them a try.


First thing I noticed when I opened the package was that it smelled like nail polish. Not overwhelming like I was in a salon, but the smell reminded me that these were not actually nail stickers but real nail polish in a new application. The color Lisa chose for me was gorgeous (Belize Bellini), and I thought it was great that there wasn’t a ton of extra packaging.

I slowly did one nail at a time, and each nail seemed easier than the next. I was able to do all 10 nails in about 45 minutes, but know that the next time will be even easier now that I got the hang of it. The material stretched to my nail so it made it easy to apply and you simply file off the excess. After 45 minutes, I had perfectly manicured nails that wouldn’t smudge or chip. Not bad considering it takes longer at the salon to get a gel manicure and even more time for a regular manicure when you factor in drying time.

Overall, I was super impressed with how easy it was to apply and immediately thought how fun it would be to do a party with some girlfriends or even a fun activity to do with my little ones. Best thing is that after a few days of use, including a ton of cooking, cleaning, working (event prep!) and lots of hand washing, they still look great!


One of the things I loved most about this product was that I could do it when it was convenient for me, which is a huge plus! No appointments, no waiting, and I could even do it in my PJs with a glass of wine. There are a ton of colors and patterns to choose from and at around $13 dollars a set, it is an affordable option, too! I have already purchased a few more sets and look forward to some more me time.

Interested in trying them out? Click here for Lisa’s direct shopping link and to find out more and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for some nail art inspiration!