CertiStar makes dining with allergies safer


Having food allergies can make dining out at restaurants complicated. Understanding these frustrations with food allergies herself, Shandee Chernow decided to do something about it. In 2017, she created CertiStar as a way to improve the dining experience for those with food allergies.

According to the company’s website, “CertiStar™ has taken food industry and food allergy data and matched it with patent-pending smart technology to create an easy-to-use web platform, MenuStar™” which allows food industry businesses manage their menus, recipes and inventory and allow their staff to serve food in confidence to those vulnerable to food allergens.”

Now with customers in five states, and currently adding new customers all the time, CertiStar is currently found locally at all of the Chompie’s locations as well as Oscar’s Pier 83 in Glendale, What’s Crackin’ Cafe in Mesa and plans for expansion soon.

Shandee is looking to add CertiStar technology in restaurants across the country and knows it can help not only restaurant staff feel more confident and efficient, but it can also open up possibilities for customers.

“I want restaurant owners to know that we make it easy and simple for them to serve food to allergic guests. Even if they’re already good at it, or they take it really seriously, we cut down significantly on the time it currently takes and we quickly provide every available option for the guest,” explains Shandee. “Food allergy guests are used to finding one or two things that are available for them, and we provide a whole menu!”

Shandee said that the feedback about CertiStar has been “very positive across the board.” She went on to explain that the restaurant owners appreciate the reduced time and effort involved with serving food to guests with allergens., and customers enjoy that they feel “much more secure in the data-based answers they’re getting and happy that they have many more options open to them.”


Locally owned restaurant and bakery chain Chompie’s approached CertiStar when they realized the benefit in having this innovative solution that could “alleviate a concern they had around serving guests with food allergies as well as help keep them on the cutting edge of digital offerings,” Shandee shared.

Brian Becker with Chompie's said that customers and staff love how Certistar is simple and easy to use and understand. He adds that it has allowed people to be put at ease about their own or their child’s food allergies while eating at Chompie’s, and “seeing the smile on a guest’s face when they know they can enjoy food at Chompie’s makes using CertiStar worth it.”

And Shandee urges those with food allergies and those who know people who could benefit from CertiStar’s application in their favorites restaurants, schools, camps or health care facility to reach out to the owners and let them know about CertiStar.

“We love referrals and any time a recommendation comes from a customer establishments are more likely to take a serious look at a new offering like CertiStar.” said Shandee.

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